• Become Magic















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  • 4 Enemies of Someone on the Path

    Carlos Castaneda's notes from Don Juan Matus quoted from Journey to Ixtlan

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  • 3 Kinds of Magic

    Ordinary magic

    Extraordinary magic


    Archetypal magic



    • Creating resentment
    • Stepping into a story world
    • Make the things you want to avoid happen
    • Creating Low Drama
    • Being adaptive and complain and take revenge

    Extraordinary Magic

    • Clearing story between people
    • Box is optional (only one person needed)
    • Completing incomplete emotions
    • Being authentic about your inauthenticity
    • Being in the not knowing
    • Negotiate intimacy

    Archetypal Magic

    • Shifting from one space to the next with question, comments
    • Let the unknown speak
    • Let the archetypal feminine and the archetypal masculine speak
    • Hold and navigate space and set and hold a context
  • Your Research

    The basis for becoming magic is your own personal research and experimentation.


    By 'research' we mean your actual inspired efforts to find out what is possible to create and experience, perhaps starting in these three ways:

    1. Reading books by and watching videos about people who seem to have special talents.
    2. Participating in workshops or trainings given by these people.
    3. Practicing these skills in safe ways in private or with a small group of like-minded fellow researchers.
    Below are some suggestions for places to start. If you have further resources that you recommend please get them to us. Thank you.

    YOUTUBEX.35: Craig Karges


    YOUTUBEX.36: Anna Breytenbach - Panther

    Interspecies communicator

    broken image

    Paul Chefurka

    Current Reality Researcher


    Read All of Paul Chefurka's articles at his website.

    YOUTUBEX.37: Anna Breytenbach - White Shark

    Interspecies communicator

    'Research', in this context, means 'to find out what is Possible'.


    Ground yourself in reality enough that you can viscerally sense the difference between what is real, and what is fake.


    Nonlinear Possibility (...'magic') is in the details.


    Shift into Nonlinear Possibility through the 9 Gaps.


    Let all dimensions of fake stuff slide past your attention like dry leaves in the wind. Stay focused on the real with both Field Attention ('soft eyes') and Point Attention ('the zero point'). This is far too much for the mind to manage or understand. You need all 5 Bodies online with all their five intelligences.


    Figure out what you want to learn to do, and most importantly, why you want to learn to do it. "Learn to do magic. Impress your friends..." If that is your purpose, then go study card tricks from YouTube videos.


    Seeking other people's approval is a weak reason to do anything. Being adaptive is Gremlin food, a Shadow Principle, a way to avoid taking radical responsibility for being Present with yourself and with what is and with what is needed, and use the pain of what you find for establishing new behavior. No amount of approval from others will validate authentic self-esteem.

  • One man's magic is another man's engineering. Supernatural is a null word. - Robert A. Heinlein
  • Wizard and Sourceress Experiment Handbook

    A nonlinear-artist's skills can never be perfected, of course.


    This is good news.


    This means you can continuously adopt the wind and water technique to grind off your edges and make your Being into a polished jewel that is of use to ECCO, Gaia, your Bright Principles, your Archetypal Lineage, and the forces of Evolution.

    broken image


    Matrix Code BMAGICxx.01:

    Documentation is an alchemical act. It reifies experience. It is the preliminary action in transmitting the jewels you discover from your private world to the world of your Circle, your people, and beyond. A useful distinction to keep in mind is: "If you do not write it down, it did not happen."


    For one month (and then the rest of your life), carry your Beep! Book and a pen with you wherever you go. Every day, every chance you get, capture the jewels of insight and distinction that you are moment-by-moment uncovering. What is happening in the 3 worlds: Upperworld, Middleworld, and Underworld? What is happening in your Box, Being, and Gremlin? What do you notice about the spaces you enter? What fruits are your experiments yielding?


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    This Experiment is worth 1 Matrix Point.

    A close-up of a sparkler on a black background, Sparks on startover.xyz.


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    Sign up here to receive a weekly, randomized S.P.A.R.K. (Specific Practical Applications of Radical Knowledge). When you receive the S.P.A.R.K. each week, read through the notes slowly at least three times. The first time you read the notes, they will go through your mind. The second time, they will go slightly deeper. The third time, they will gradually seep into your 5 bodies.


    After you have read a S.P.A.R.K., commit to doing the experiment for the coming week. Observe yourself during the experiment, noticing what you notice and making note of it in your Beep! Book.


    In addition, maintain a blog on Medium, Substack, or your personal website called something like "52 Experiments in 52 Weeks." Each time you do an experiment, write up a short post describing the experiment and documenting the gold you discovered.


    When you have completed 52 weeks of S.P.A.R.K. experiments, please register your Matrix Code BMAGICxx.02 in your free account at StartOver.xyz.


    This Experiment is worth 26 Matrix Points.

    A medium blue capital letter D in a dark blue circle, Distinctionary.xyz


    Matrix Code BMAGICxx.03

    When you are bringing a new thing into existence, especially something that did not already exist before, one of the most powerful and important procedures is to give that thing a name. The name should not usually be some entirely new word, but should rather use an already existing word in a new or slightly new way.


    In the work of Possibility Management, almost every piece of terminology, initiation, and distinction is an example of this. Think Box, Box and Being, 5 Bodies, Voice Blaster, Grounding Cord, Spaceholder, Resonance Field, Memetic Engineering, Possibility Manager, Nanonation, Building Matrix, etc.


    As you go about your own discovering, begin naming what you come across. When you have collected and named five processes or distinctions or initiations, please register your Matrix Code BMAGICxx.03 in your free account at StartOver.xyz.


    This Experiment is worth 1 Matrix Point.

    Timing is everything


    Matrix Code BMAGICxx.04

    Timing is the ability to make gestures at the exact time that the gesture is needed and wanted in the space. Sense of timing comes from your energetic body, not from your mind. The mind is too slow for a sense for timing. Timing is saying the pun and everybody in the room laughs. Timing is offering a distinction to someone and it landing perfectly in all 5 bodies of this person who is transforming in front of your eyes. Timing is asking a question at the right exact moment when a person is ripe for it. Timing is moving from one space to the next seamlessly.

    A sword with flame ornaments, Distinction

    BMAGICxx.05: Make Distinctions

    The ability to make 5-Body experiential Distinctions comes from precisely wielding a flaming diamond-sharp Sword of Clarity.

    Such a sword is sharp on both edges, as dangerous to your own Box and Gremlin as it is to any assumptions, expectations, stories, beliefs, projections, and Shadow Purposes in a Space.

    The experiment is that at least three times a day for one week (and then never stop), offer a distinction to someone in a conversation. Offering a new distinction to an interaction is having a meta-conversation: a conversation about the conversation.

    Laurence Fishburn as Morpheus holding out a red pill in one hand and a blue pill in the other, Radical Responsibility

    BMAGICxx.06: Take Radical Responsibility

    Radical Responsibility is the unreasonable Declaration of being the cause of everything, of being responsible for the level of responsibility being used in your gameworlds.

    The experiment is that for one week, three times a day, stop. Take out your Beep! Book and take Radical Responsibility for:

    1. Where you are (physically): how did you decide to get there? what were the steps that led you where you are? what are the benefits that your shadow world, middle world, and your bright world get out of being where you are?

    2. The story that you making right now about someone using 'I Have A Story About You' process with that person

    3. The purpose of one of your reaction.

    A cartoon rocket flying past a planet and Navigating Space

    BMAGICxx.07: Navigate Space

    the bright light of Bright Principles shining

    BMAGICxx.08: Bring In Bright Principles

    "Where?" "What?" "How?" "Who?" "Why?" "When?" - The questions you need to answer to Set Context

    BMAGICxx.09: Set Context

    A brain bomb with a lit fuse - Go Nonlinear

    BMAGICxx.10: Go Nonlinear

    A winged woman flying in the clouds, a Representative of an Archetypal Lineage.

    BMAGICxx.11: Use External Energies

    Two Way Tube for your Bright Principles.

    Two Way Tube for your Archetypal Lineage.

    Two Way Tube as your Grounding Cord into Gaia.

    A hand holding a mysterious ball of swirling white light, in the background a galaxy

    BMAGICxx.12: Shimmer With Resonance

    Dr. Strange reaching through a portal to grab a book behind Wong's back

    BMAGICxx.13: Be Invisible

    How can you become invisible. Simple. Figure out whatever makes you visible and don't do that.

    A crossed out red circle on top of two young people meditating on yoga mats looking cool

    BMAGICxx.14: Avoid Being Cool

    A mural of a big green fish about to swallow a baited hook, don't be that fish and become unhookable!

    BMAGICxx.15: Become Unhookable

    Figure out whatever it is that makes you hookable and heal that. This is Box redesign involving deep liquid states.

    A sparkler brightly sparkling in the dark, S.P.A.R.K.s

    BMAGICxx.16: Establish Purpose

    Your Gremlin trying to sneak around undetected

    BMAGICxx.17: Use Your Gremlin

    Small coinage lying on a table, like what a Nickel Machine steadily produces

    BMAGICxx.18: Create Nickel Machines

    An infinity sign made of colourful dust and the words Trainer Path in an aqua-coloured circle

    BMAGICxx.19: Train Apprentices

    Being usefully related to the evolution of a circle of same-purpose collaborators is Archetypal. This is your Team of Baker Street Irregulars who are paid in 'Gaias'.

    A big white G for Gameworld (Builder) surrounding the outline of scaffolding

    Build Gameworlds

    Two hands holding Your Healing in front of sunny clouds

    BMAGICxx.21: Guard Your Health

    Re: For Transformation Burn use Nervine.

    For Bardos use Bardo Specials.

    Listen to what your 5 bodies tell you.

    Planet Earth as seen from space or from E.C.C.O.

    BMAGICxx.22: Align With E.C.C.O.

    Work In Progress

    BMAGICxx.23: Make No Promises

    A woman and a man standing with their backs to each other, their crossed arms and frowning faces clearly showing the Resentment they're harbouring

    BMAGICxx.24: Hold No Resentments

    Take yourself into breakdown. Subert yourself whenever necessary. Subvert yourself first, before ECCO has to do it to you. Learn to fly.

    A bamboo stalk that grows its whole life, just like humans when they lead a Life of Practice.

    BMAGICxx.25: Celebrate A Life Of Practice


    BMAGICxx.27: Practice Memetic Engineering

    A man taking a leap to cross a gap in a bridge, he's currently occupying a Gap in Space

    BMAGICxx.28: Embrace Nothingness

    Gap in spaces.

    A man looking like he's acting from the Unknown, making faces and wearing a towel on his head

    BMAGICxx.29: Embrace Not Knowing

    Gap in knowings.

    The outline of a woman sitting on top of calm waves in front of a huge full moon in a Gap in Noise

    BMAGICxx.30: Embrace Silence

    Gap in thoughts.

    A chick's head poking out of a hole in an otherwise intact chicken egg, Gap in Gameworlds

    BMAGICxx.31: Embrace Storylessness

    Gap in gameworlds.

    A big and complex structure of scaffolding and bars and boards, just like the structure of distinctions inside you called Matrix

    BMAGICxx.32: Build Your Matrix

    A hand holding a stopwatch, the thumb resting on the stop button to Minimise Now

    BMAGICxx.33: Minimize Your Now

    A white spider on a black background - a White Widow

    BMAGICxx.34: Beware The Kiss Of The Spider

    A hand holding a ball reflecting the person the hand belongs to and the room behind him - a tool for Self Observation

    BMAGICxx.35: Observe Yourself

    A closeup of a person's right eye with a very blue iris, Your Attention

    BMAGICxx.36: Pay Attention To Your Attention

    "3 Powers" in pink print on a bright red background

    BMAGICxx.37: Flow Power

    Conscious Theater: yes... and

    BMAGICxx.38: Do Conscious Theater

    Four circles, each containing the word Ego, surrounding the word States - Ego States

    BMAGICxx.39: Navigate Your Ego State

    A silver CD on a red background -unmix- Emotions

    BMAGICxx.40: Separate Your Emotions

    Five pairs of the same eyes in different colours Scanning all five bodies

    BMAGICxx.41: Practice Scanning

    A toddler curiously looking out of an open cardboard box

    BMAGICxx.42: Distinguish Your Box And Being

    Map of 4 Brains: Blue, Yellow, Green and Red. Long description: Blue: Future, concepts, plans, comes to the point, decision/strategy. Yellow: timeless, overview, big picture, holistic, spiritual, energetic. Green: past, family, connection, inclusion, slow. Red: present, active, do something, me me me, action.

    BMAGICxx.43: Speak To The 4 Brains

    the lines of a cube, Become A Space

    BMAGICxx.44: Become A Space

    A mouth wide open, ready to scream or shout with their Real Voice

    BMAGICxx.45: Use Your Real Voice

    The physical center, the intellectual center, the emotional enter and the energetic center

    BMAGICxx.46: Stay Centered

    A heart (" I love you!") covered by several layers of "yes" - bing!, uncovered by doing Completion Loops

    BMAGICxx.47: Make Completion Loops

    A grey wind hose leading from dark ground into dark clouds in front of a white dusty background.

    BMAGICxx.48: Spin Your Energetic Body

     A woman holding a vacuum cleaner like a guitar, Vacuum Learning

    BMAGICxx.49: Create A Vacuum

    An iceberg in its entirety both above sea and under the sea. Meta Conversation.

    BMAGICxx.50: Use Meta Conversations

    A gremlin trying to sneak around about to be caught by a net belonging to a Gremlin Hunter

    BMAGICxx.51: Be A Gremlin Hunter

    A Trigger Hunter carefully aiming with a crossbow

    BMAGICxx.52: Be A Trigger Hunter

    A blue circle representing the Adult Ego State partially overlapping with a red circle (60 % Gremlin Ego State) and a green circle (30 % Child Ego State)

    BMAGICxx.53: Decontaminate Your Ego States

    A group of young people Making Legends standing on, sitting on and leaning against the back of an old red pickup standing on a meadow.

    BMAGICxx.54: Make Legends

    Two women sitting at a table with two coffee cups making exaggerated surprised faces while looking at Your Website on their laptop.

    BMAGICxx.55: Make Your Website

    A SPARKler in front of a black background

    BMAGICxx.56: Notice Results

    About a dozen pairs of shoes neatly lined up in front of a door creating Drala

    BMAGICxx.57: Create Drala

    Work In Progress

    BMAGICxx.58: Detect Bardo Spaces

    Two hands holding Your Healing in front of sunny clouds

    BMAGICxx.59: Heal Yourself

    Work In Progress

    BMAGICxx.60: Redesign Your Interior

    A man from the knees downwards walking towards the camera from the sea, leaving footprints in the wet sand behind him. initiations.org

    BMAGICxx.61: Get Ongoingly Initiated

    At some point your further initiations come through providing authentic adulthood initiatory processes for others.

    Two people shaking hands on their Intimacy Negotiation

    BMAGICxx.62: Negotiate Intimacy

    Several painted hands holding brushes drawing on a cardboard piece in front of a colourfully and messily painted background

    BMAGICxx.63: Have High Level Fun

    Time is short.

    Do what matters most.

    Have all the Fun you can.

    5 Body Intimacy Journeys

    The face of a middle-aged, bald man with a neat, grey beard and glasses - Paul Chefurka - in front of a green background.

    BMAGICxx.64: Read All Of Paul Chefurka's Articles

    Current reality researcher.


    Title cover of the film The Corporation - the silhouette of an office worker with both a halo and a devil's tail on a background of some type of unfilled form or list

    BMAGICxx.65: Watch All of the Videos on the Possibilitator Training Films List

    Just start at #1 and go through to #138. Don't let your Box pick and choose for your Being. That brings more Box not more magic. Bring your friends over, hunker down, don't forget the popcorn, and don't forget to to stretch and practice the new tools and distinctions between each film.

    A woman who has obviously gone to Flying School jumping-flying above a field, trees and mountains in the background [drawing]

    BMAGICxx.66: Learn To Fly

    The black silhouette of a woman sitting on a cliff in havy rain, in the background the grey sea and a grey sky, behind her an open treasure chest full of gold - Being A Trainer.

    BMAGICxx.67: Sit On The Edge Of Cultures And Gameworlds In The Reality Of Being A Trainer

    Not many people will understand. Those who do understand, make them your friends.

    A huge piece of ice breaking off an even bigger mass; Greta Thunberg's face; the Extinction Rebellion logo; a crowd of people with the words Every Generation

    BMAGICxx.68: Fight The Transformational Fight

    Radically Responsible Sorceresses and Wizards have often worked behind the scenes to create doorways to beneficial outcomes for all and then wait around and see who finds the doors and manages to come through. These days, we don't have time for subtle strategic doorways to be found. We need sudden transformational actions. This puts sorceresses and wizards on the front lines more often than you might be expecting. It is time to face the Trolls head on. Step out, speak out, open nonlinear doorways in public, step through them in public to show they are safe. Come back through and hold your hands out to any who noticed. Invite them to shift into new context with you and learn the ways of next culture - of archearchy - and sooner than they might expect turn around and help others through. It is only a matter of leaving behind Standard Human Intelligence Thoughtware, slipping out of one costume and sliding into another. But it feels like (and is...) the Death and Resurrection Show... and the Resurrection cannot be guaranteed or it is no Death. Let your Box reorder with witnesses. Stay there when you look bad. Stay with them, even if you could vanish and hide. Demonstrate how to be alive in the face of breakdown, how to go through Liquid States and not lose the way. Yes, you are the Wizard, you are the Sorceress - this means your ego dissolves into jelly while you go first into the Liquid State and stay Present and connected. You are the bridge to the radically responsible thoughtware of archearchy. You can stand (or float, or spin, or zoom, etc.) undefended in the context of Nonlinear Possibility in the face of other people's incredulity as a representative that something completely different from this is possible right now. The witch burnings are over, but the treacherous defendedness of Box and Gremlin are not, and understandably so. We have not been trained to appreciate Transformation. You are the Trainer.

  • "Declare yourself a magician, behave like a magician, practice magic every day. Be honest about your progress, your successes and failures. Tripping on 500 mushrooms might loosen your astral sphincter a little but it will not generally confer upon you any of the benefits of the magic I'm discussing here. Magic is about what you bring BACK from the Shining Realms of the Uberconscious. The magician dives into the Immense Other in search of tips and hints and treasures s/he can bring home to enrich life in the solid world. And if necessary, Fake it till you make it." - Grant Morrison
  • Magical Practices

    Magical Practices are not fair. What 'not fair' means, in this case, is that anyone could do the magical practices, but nobody does. You see this. It is a shock. The shock comes from thinking something like, "Why didn't anyone else see that this magical offer is possible? Why is this Possibility left to me to bring to life? Why do I have to take the risk and make the nonlinear offer? Why not someone else this time? This is not fair!"


    Not that it matters, but the answer to the question is, "Because you can."


    If you explore with each person around you using Magical Practice #2 Be A Transformational Vacuum you will discover that each and every person who does not do Magical Practices even when they see them and could do them has listened to their own reasons for not doing something.


    You know that: The reason is not the cause. They do not.


    You see that something completely different from what is happening right now is possible, and by committing and moving you suddenly see how it could go. Awareness breeds responsibility.


    Seeing the Possibility of doing a Magical Practice transforms that Magical Practice into a job on your bench to do, even though your bench is already full of amazing Magical Practices to do right here and right NOW. That is what 'not fair' means. Where are your colleagues? Where are the able apprentices? The able are not willing, and the willing are not able... but thank god they are willing...


    Making apprentices more able is another Magical Practice... We'll get to that.

    A woman clad in a grecian style white dress and a white veil stepping out of a misty lake surrounded by dark forests presenting a sword.

    Magical Practice #1: Stop Flatlining Your Interpersonal Interactions


    The term 'flatline' refers to what an Electro-Cardiogram (ECG) machine shows when it is connected to a person's heart and their heart stops beating. The line on the screen goes flat.


    This magical practice is to stop 'flatlining' your interpersonal (and inter-dimensional) interactions by avoiding making offers that invite the person across from you to respond by being dead. In other words, the practice is to make only nonlinear offers, both to individuals and to E.C.C.O. (Earth Coincidence Control Office).


    In a facebook comment from 1 August 2019, Gabriel Keczan wrote:

    "I would flatline too if I was only looking for love and home. I also need purpose, mission. The journey from home to the horizon. As well as the return."


    A flatline offer is, for example, "Honey! I'm home!", a movie quote, which if you can name the movie it comes from in less than a minute starting NOW you earn 1 Matrix Point for proving you have seen the movie... (I'm waiting...) C'mon! It's on the Possibilitator Training Films List...


    Stop making ordinary, linear, dead offers even - especially - to someone you have known for longer than a year.


    EXPERIMENTS: Figure out 9 ways to ongoingly create and deliver delightfully surprising new Purpose, Mission, The Journey from Home to the Horizon, and the Return in the offers you make. The point is reaching deep inside and outside to bring unmentionable new Possibilities into the current space. They are unmentionable becaues ordinarily the Space itself blocks perceiving or expressing them so as to maintain the integrity of the Space. Spaces tend to do that sort of thing. You do not have to abide by the rule of the Space. There are consequences to that. The consequences you would seek are experienceing delightful aliveness and fresh expressions of caring and wonder. Here are some proposals:

    1. EXPERIMENT BMAGICxx.68 : SHIFT IDENTITY Each time you make an offer to someone, be aware of which of your multiple identities you speak from. Each offer you make can come from a different identity. Make time to create three to five characters for yourself, each with their own name, posture, speech patterns, accent, vocabulary, facial expressions, personal tastes regarding pie or how to eat fruit, table manners, personal childhood traumas, purpose, mission, journey, etc. Shift Identity regularly, so that your offers have a life of their own. Each identity can open a different door and in a different way. This automatically brings your partner to new kinds of interactions with you. When you change the point of origin from where the offer comes, your partner discovers a new facet of themselves to share with you. 
    2. EXPERIMENT BMAGICxx.69: AVOID AUTO RESPONSES Whenever someone sneezes, forbid yourself to say, "Gesundheit!" ever again, for the rest of your life. Instead challenge yourself to make up a new response, also something that you never said before or will ever say again. Say, "Pancakes!" Or, "Your Excellency!" Or, "Twirl the wand!" Or, "Varnish!" Or, "Gravestone!" Or, "Gosh Darn It!" Or, "David's Sling!" Or, "Badger Pass!" Or, "Quality time!"... which are also things I've never said before nor will ever say again, even though I have used this practice for years. You can do the same practice with other autoresponses such as saying, "Excuse me." Or, "Hello." Or, "Good morning." Or, "Good-bye." Or, "All best wishes." Etc. If anyone asks you, "What? Why did you say that?" just give them a puzzled look and ask, "Well? What do you say?" Then ask, "But why do you say that? Really... why are you saying that to people? I truly want to know what motivates you to say that? What keeps you in the prison of always saying that?" This can lead to an interesting conversation. 
    3. EXPERIMENT BMAGICxx.70: CREATE 9 POSSIBILITIES Each time someone asks you for ideas, give them 9 new ideas. Do not stop after one or two suggestions. Open up your connection to the Bright Principle of Nonlinear Possibility and keep making offers until you give 9 of them. Don't let people stop you. Even if you love the first or second idea you come up with, open of the field of opportunities of what everyone can choose from. You never know what #9 will be until you present the first 8 offers first. Create all 9 offers each time someone asks about 1. What is for dinner, or 2. How to celebrate a birthday, or 3. What to wear, or 4. How to pay the rent, or 5. Who could be on the Team, or 6. How to run for mayor of your village, or 7. How to invite more clients, or 8. How to represent your offers more interestingly, or 9. How to get to France for free. (Yes, I just did it here. Yes, I did it in #2 before, did you notice?) The need-door opens and you instantly go through the door. You make each step by rolling out options, especially options you never thought of before, added to the options from your various identities repertoires from #1 above. HINT: Do not laugh at your own surprising offers. Laughing at your own humor is like baking someone else a birthday cake and eating it all yourself. 
    4. EXPERIMENT BMAGICxx.71: USE YOUR FEELINGS By now you might think that you would regularly be using the archetypal energy and information resources of your Feelings and Emotions to make nonlinear aliveness offers to the people in your daily life and interactions... Are you? I doubt it... Why do I doubt it? Because I have met people who have already done 5 Possibility Labs and still the numbness habits of modern culture and the giving-the-center-away-being-adaptive-to-authority-figures from school prevails in their behavior. This is probably not you, of course... but you know what I mean. This is a grave oversight... to avoid using your Feelings and Emotions to make fresh nonlinear offers to navigate to fresh new departments of intimacy. Here is the practice: take yourself into breakdown first. Begin with falling into your Liquid State. Prepare the person across from you with a sentence like, "I am in a Liquid State. Are you willing to be with me in this for a few minutes?" Asking their permission is important because it indicates that you are taking responsibility for your Liquid State and not blaming them. Telling them the time-frame is another important element of your invitation so they know when the thing will wrap up. If they say, "No," (or anything besides, "Yes") then you say, "Okay," and walk away. If they say, "Yes," then you say, "I feel angry / sad / scared / glad because..." and follow your feelings and emotions back to their source. Fall inwards apart into the emotional currents and let them carry you. It is important to not already know what you are going to say. Let your feelings lead you on a surprising journey beyond your knowing and beyond your thinking that you are empowering your listener to Hold Space for. Let them hear about your inner world. This will eventually encourage them to ask you to Hold Space for them to share their own inner journeys with you. There is always the next inner journey to make, waiting for you right now. 
    5. EXPERIMENT BMAGICxx.72: INVITE TO STARTOVER You can start over no matter what the situation is, even if there is no situation. Enthusiastically ask, "Would you StartOver with me?" If they say, "Yes," then go online with your friend(s) to StartOver.xyz and drift down through the menu of doorways to Transformational learning Possibilities, until you almost-by-accident find something that attracts their interest and would feed the others to explore. Yes, the others. Go along with what the other person or persons feel excited about even (especially) if you have some resistance to it. The idea is: Relationships thrive through you committing to what the other person is committed to. Read through the distinctions, and thoughtmaps together. Watch the videos together. Read the articles and books together. And most importantly, do the Experiments together. There is so much to learn, and so much to change. The world needs you and your 3Cell exploring, transforming, and sharing what you find.
    6. EXPERIMENT BMAGICxx.73: INVITE TO INITIATIONS There are a lifetime full of authentic adulthood initiatory processes to experience. The thing is, people around the world are engaging these initiations below the news radar and without permission. They are just doing it. People are upgrading their thoughtware, making powerful new distinctions, practicing with new tools and skills, and jacking-in to inner and outer resources that modern culture knows nothing about. You could be doing these things too. It turns out that when you do them in your 3Cell, in other words: not alone, the results are bigger. Your 3Cell can help you integrate what you got into your daily life, and you can help the others practice what they got even in their difficult situations. You can stand in the stands that you take in your initiatory processes even when you return to your ordinary lives, even under the pressure of the ordinary sleeping-world Zombie-making media onslaught. Think up nonlinear ways to make an offer to engage in initiatory processes together with someone you care about. Imagine that you were already experiencing the excitement of looking forward to one of the 51 Core Initiations this weekend? Wouldn't that make your week better? No one can get initiated for you. More interestingly, no one can stop you from getting initiated. Try making the offer at breakfast tomorrow to register for your next initiatory process together... What could stop you? 
    7. EXPERIMENT BMAGICxx.74: DIG DEEP TO SPEAK ELOQUENTLY Each of our identities has a specific or limited vocabulary resource. We tend to speak in worn-out phrases because we think they are easier to understand. The problem is that the familiar phrases cannot deliver what you actually want to say. By using standard phrases you must pack your Universe-wide multi-dimensional Being into a tiny conceptual straightjacket that squeezes most of the life out of you. Then your partner experiences you as a dried up predictable boring handicapped moron, even if they still want to love you. You make it difficult for them to love you when you are not being you. Even if the person across from you is a complete stranger they still actually want to love you. Being able to love a new person would make their life richer, if such a person could actually be found. What if you felt free to love each person you met? What if you felt free to be loveable to each person you met? What kind of life experience would that be for you? We think it would be eloquent. Try the 27 Experiments to deeper intimacy.
    8. EXPERIMENT BMAGICxx.75: MAKE A DO-OVER Each time you notice that you have made a flatline offer, immediately stop and say, "Can I have a Do-Over?" and without thinking or strategizing jack-into the Bright Principle of Nonlinear Possibility and launch into making the first non-flatline offer that comes down the tubes. Also, each time you notice that someone else makes a flatline offer to you, such as, "Would you do the dishes?" immediately make a non-flatline response that you will deliver if they accept. For example, do not make the offer, "Let us throw the dishes away and keep using new dishes until we have no dishes left, and then let's eat out of our home-made coconut bowls with hand-carved wooden spoons and hand-made chopsticks from now on," unless you actually do this. Do not make fake offers. When you make an offer and then do not keep to your word, you destroy the Space of Possibility and change it into the Space of Ridiculous Embarrassments. Then you lose your legitimacy as a Sorceress or a Wizard. Bad idea. Instead, carefully make impossible promises and then keep your promises. This is Legend Making. This is also a life of extraordinary and archetypal intimacies. Not flatline.
    9. EXPERIMENT BMAGICxx.76: INVITE THE PERSON ACROSS FROM YOU TO DO AN EXPERIMENT WITH YOU RIGHT HERE AND RIGHT NOW ABOUT THE CURRENT SPACE REGARDLESS OF HOW GOOD OR HOW BAD OR HOW UNKNOWN THE CURRENT SPACE SEEMS TO BE Every person you meet has built different Matrix from you. A person not accepting your offer probably means you need to become better at Scanning people's Matrix to detect exactly what kind of Transformational Experiment they would love to accept. Improve your Scanning so that you can custom design your Experiments to match people's Matrix more precisely. You can strengthen your Scanning abilities by designing Experiments for the children in your care to try if they want to. First, lie down on the floor or Earth near the children. If any of them come around you then they have decided on their own volition that they would listen to an Experiment that you offered. Experiments that I have offered to small groups of children that have worked spectacularly well include: Give each child a large raw carrot and ask them to cut it up with a butter knife to make 9 different styles of carrot pieces, then put them all in Minestrone soup that you make together for lunch. Or go outside and each child find a branch. Lean the branches up against a small tree to form a small Tipi frame. Get on your bellies and each of you carefully squirm into the Tipi frame with your head, shoulders and hands. Start to tell an Indian story from long ago about a brave young Indian girl and boy who meet each other while trying to find a lost arrowhead. You start the story and then pass the telling to your left so that each child gets to say the next part of the story as you go around the circle. Other experiments include: Make a small vegetable garden in the middle of your yard with seeds you have collected such as dried beans, squash, tomatoes, etc. by digging up the grass, remove stones, make rows, plant seeds, pull weeds, etc. Or divide into two Teams and each Team makes a Treasure Hunt for the others to follow to a treasure that you provide to each Team in secret. Or, pull a child's wagon around the town and collect walnuts, prunes, apples, lemons, dandelion flowers, hazelnuts, that other people are not collecting. Whatever you find bring it all home and make good things to eat from them. Etc. Design the experiments to be the next step for them to build Matrix. Now do this with people your own age or older.

    Choose 2 of these non-flatline practices and implement them today. Choose 2 more and implement them tomorrow. Etc. Choose next to do the practice that you least understand how to do, which is also most likely the one you are most afraid to try. Proceed until they are all used up. Then create another list of 9 ways. Stop flatlining your invitations to living full out.


    Please share your new lists with us so we can share them with others!



    A big white tipi standing in front of a bright green forest

    Magical Practice #2: Be A Transformational Vacuum


    A sentence or two describing this item.









    A big soap bubble just in the process of bursting because of a person's finger

    Magical Practice #3: Take Radical Responsibility for What Things Mean


    In Expand The Box training, and in the Conscious Feelings book, for example, you discover that in Phase 1 of Conscious Listening there are 4 way to consciously listen:

    1. NORMAL NEUROTIC LISTENING - Consciously using your Gremlin to go nonlinear from the invocation of the other person so as to shift the space.
    2. ADULT LISTENING - Centered, Grounded, Bubbled, Present, Connected, Adult, Completion Loops, listening for us, for the collaboration - also known as 'Active Listening'.
    3. POSSIBILITY LISTENING - Listening as a Space, as a service to the speaker who can essentially go anywhere with their thinking and feeling while the listening keeps one foot with them on their journey, and one foot grounded in solid reality.
    4. DISCOVERY LISTENING - Listening as a Team for a Purpose, usually a Bright Principle, such as Discovery. Requires a Spaceholder, a Time Keeper, a Scribe to take clear notes and document the journey and bring back its treasures (new distinctions), and perhaps also a Walker, who continues moving slowly and unpredictably around the room to keep energies from getting stuck anywhere.

    You may not yet have heard of Phase 2 of Conscious Listening.


    Typically in Phase 1 of Conscious Listening each person sources the meaning they are giving to what they say and what they hear. Also typically, the person or persons you are conversing with are using - to one degree or another - Standard Human Intelligence Thoughtware. The consequence of them using S.H.I.T. and you using Radical Responsibility thoughtware will inevitably be a subtle (or not so subtle...) context war. While the other person (or persons...) insist that it is possible to be a victim, that the 'right/wrong' point of view is not a Shadow Principle, that they may have a Box but they most certainly ARE their Box, that there is no such thing as a Gremlin, that Emotions are as valid as Feelings for dealing with the present circumstances, that their stories are INDEED TRUE, that there is such as thing as a 'problem', that gossip is not Gremlin food, that expectations should be fulfilled, that resentment and revenge are real inspirations for living, that reasons have the power when making decisions, ad nauseam.


    It is not fair, but you can take Radical Responsibility for establishing and navigating the context through managing the meaning of what is being said. This requires you taking a stand that Radical Responsibility has already won. That, in fact, there is no contest. This turns into an art form.


    When someone says, "I don't have enough money," you say, "I hear you saying that you would like to establish a new and more powerful relationship to money."


    When someone says, "You have rejected me," you say, "I hear that you offering to tell me ways that I can be with you so you feel warmly welcomed, accepted, and appreciated."


    When someone says, "You move so fast and decide everything on your own," you say, "I hear you saying that you care about me and you think I don't miss your ideas and input about what I am doing."


    You are not asking questions. You are reporting back to the speaker the actual meaning that you let land in your 5 Bodies from what they say to you. At the same time, you are managing your own meaning that you give to their possible meanings.


    Human communications are tenuous and fraught with ambiguities at best. You never really know what someone means. Maybe they don't even know what they mean. You have spoke often enough without knowing what you really mean to know that this is possible for them also.


    Probably somewhere in the speaker is the wish to enter and stay in High Drama with you making interactions that take ownership of more responsibility along the path of forwarding consciousness. Look for that in them.


    Look for that in you too. Keep your Gremlin focused on a short leash to help you. Keep your inventive scanner directed towards searching for the smallest shred of evidence for radical responsibility. The instant you find something - even by going radically nonlinear - grab hold of it. Dive into that evidence and unfold it more and more until radical responsibility and High Level Fun take over the space irrevocably. Then bathe in the radiance together!


    This is not about making illogical jumps. This is not about converting someone to a 'positive thinking' belief system, or promoting the philosophical position of "Don't worry. Be happy." This is not about manipulation or control or domination.


    What this magical practice is about is not getting off the elevator at the first floor.


    Stay in the elevator with the person you are talking to. Keep vulnerably connected with them so they stay conversing with you and they don't get off at the first floor either.


    Then the elevator door automatically closes and the elevator goes further up. Experiment with getting off at the thirteenth floor where joyfully nonlinear creation is possible together. Get off at the forty-fourth floor where extraorinary love is possible and you are communicate as initiated adults. Or stay on the elevator to the one-hundred-and-eighth floor, the beginning of the Archetypal domains where Archetypal Love is happening. The secret is staying together in the elevator and nobody push the down button.


    EXPERIMENT BMAGICxx.79: (Great for your Possibility Team) Get in groups of 3. Spend 10 minutes all writing into your own Beep! Book things that people say that usually hook you into a Low Drama, confusion, justification, arguments, and really bad Friday evenings together. Then, one person starts as the Possibilitator, one person role-plays the Possibilitator's Hooking Agents one after the other and reads out lines from the Possibilitator's Beep! Book, and the third person Coaches the Possibilitator's Radically Responsible meaning making. The Coach must have their Sword of Clarity out and coaches everything. Rotate roles after 15-20 minutes of practice. Make sure each person plays all 3 positions.


    A woman holding a Red Cloth next to her for the black silhouette of a man to shout against.

    Magical Practice #4: Use Tool #14 - The Red Cloth











    A woman delivering the Map of Liquid States to a group of people sitting in a circle

    Magical Practice #5: Empower Your Apprentices


    The able are not willing, and the willing are not able... but thank god they are willing... making apprentices more able







  • "There is only one kind of magic and this is 'doing'." - Geroge Gurdjieff
  • Map of Beliefs. Beliefs are stories to cover over the places in our world view where we have no answer so we don't have to fave the void.
  • Map of Transformation. Shifting from one culture to another, e. g. Feelings in the body, a new matrix. "Breakdown" - old paradigm breaks down (e. g. feelings are bad) -> Chaos - liquid state, disorder, freedom of movement -> New Paradigm.
  • Women, Men And Power

    -Clinton Callahan, excerpted from Radiant Joy Brilliant Love

    Women already have power.

    Women create human beings.

    Women’s minds are naturally nonlinear and multidimensional.

    Women ARE the power behind the throne.

    Still a woman needs a man to sit on the throne or half of the energetics are missing and she cannot be the doorway for Archetypal Woman.

    Men have no power.

    Men have aggression.

    There is a world of difference between aggression and power.

    Men have no power until they leave behind aggression and learn about power.

    Aggressive is the immature man.

    Powerful is the mature man.

    A man starts having power when he starts over from the beginning again, and chooses life instead of survival. Living is a completely different game than merely struggling for survival.

    Power is engaged with the body,

    Not the mind.

    Power comes from clarity of mind, open heart, and a willingness to be accountable.

    Power manifests as responsibility, responsible speaking, responsible acting.

    When a woman or man taps into and unleashes Archetypal power they start taking the world apart and putting it back together again any way they want it.

    This much power is scary as hell.

    Creative power only happens at the level of Radical Responsibility.

    Radical Responsibility is more fun than fun.

    We are limited only by our own tendencies, habits of perception, thought and speech. We are only limited by our self-design. We are here to evolve, to redesign our design.

    To enter the game of radiant joy and brilliant love we navigate to a special kind of space.

    This is the Archetypal Relationship space, the Space of Possibility.

    This space sustains neither beliefs nor assumptions, the opposite of a cult.

    A cult seeks to induce you to believe, to join, to stay.

    Archetypal Relationship does not expect that you will stay for the next instant.

    Archetypal Relationship tries to make you go away and do other things until you have no choice but to take Radical Responsibility and become the source of Archetypal Love.

    A cult tries to get you to go to sleep, to give your power away and to be somebody they prescribe, a consumer.

    Archetypal Relationship demands that you find ways to stay awake, step into Power, and become more and more yourself, a responsible creator.

    As Archetypal Man or Woman you gain direct immediate access to almost unlimited Power.

    None of that Power is yours.

    You can only use that Power to serve the needs of the space of Archetypal Love.

    You will feel many things.

    You are invited to trust yourself and others at an unconventional level.

    Do overs are allowed.





  • "I would flat-line too if I was only looking for love and home.

    I also need purpose, mission.

    The journey from home to the horizon.

    As well as the return."

    A white-purple-blue shape of a woman sparking and radiating light blue lightning and light energy.
  • "All esoteric phenomena from gods to demons to spirits and spells consist of relationships between self and reality. There, I have given you the final secret of the Illuminati for free."

    - Peter J. Carroll


    "Everything in the world has a hidden meaning.... Men, animals, trees, stars, they are all hieroglyphics. When you see them you do not understand them. You think they are really men, animals, trees, stars. It is only years later that you understand." - Nikos Kazantzakis
  • "Learning to provide nonlinear transformation does not begin with loops and barrel-rolls. It begins with level flight."

    One of the early generations of aeroplanes sitting on an empty ground, a man walking towards it.

    ...sometimes the magic works.

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